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Viu MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Viu MOD (Premium Unlocked)

 Viu: Dramas, TV Shows & Movies is a movie-watching app that is loved by many young people. Although I don’t really know whether young people in other countries really love using this app, for me and the people around me, this name is the most mentioned name. Every time people want to know about and ask about the best quality movie-watching app on their phones. At first, surely not only me but also others would wonder what a free application that doesn’t charge any fees could do and be loved by so many people. But after experiencing the moments of watching movies on this platform, we will probably all realize its convenience as it can provide us with a high resolution of up to 1080p without any commercials interrupting.


This is a movie-watching app that is said to be popular with many users because of its extremely large movie library. With a large movie library like this, the app is completely capable of storing all types of movies from the past to the present, whether they are hot movies or even if they are low-profile movies, no matter what you know. In addition, the variety of movies that the app has is also very diverse, if not nearly all movie genres, from many countries around the world, especially countries in the Asian region.

Access to over 1,000+ shows: The app’s movie collection is extremely vast because it has all the movies and even popular TV series languages from Asian countries.

Constantly updated: Although it really has a lot of movies, the app will not stop updating new movies for you..


Besides the fact that the app has a huge and diverse movie library, the second reason that users like us feel this app is great is the quality of the movies shown on this platform. To explain this reason more clearly, it is that the app can provide viewers with the highest resolution. This means that users will be able to watch their favorite shows and movies in the clearest way, thereby enhancing their movie-watching experience through this platform.

Stream and download shows in full HD 1080p quality: Watching our movies can be considered the best experience when both the quality and sound from the movie are perfect.

Smooth playback: Seamless watching experience.

Option to download shows: If you find some good movies but don’t have time to watch them, you can save or download them to watch later.


In addition, this app also has an extremely suitable feature and is highly appreciated by users. That is the suggested feature of the app. The reason this suggestion feature is highly appreciated by users is that it can always identify the types of movies you want to watch and then suggest them on the main page of the app so that we can easily see them. These recommended movies will also be accompanied by user reviews, and if there are many positive reviews for that movie, we can understand that this is a good movie that suits our taste.

Get suggestions: The App will automatically suggest related content that we are paying attention to.

Discover new shows: These contents are suggested based entirely on what I have seen and am interested in.


If the above features of the app have made you feel reputable and trustworthy enough to use it, then surely some of you will feel that this application will force users to pay while using it. Used like any other application. But no, everything here is completely free, and viewers do not need to pay a single penny to access the app’s vast movie store. Furthermore, the app does not have any ads on its interface, and when we watch movies, we will not see any ads interrupting. This is really useful in helping the viewer’s experience continue without interruption.

Accessed for free: There are no services that force us to pay for this app.

No ads: This movie-viewing platform also does not have any commercials in between.

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Premium Unlocked

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Current Version:2.6.1
App Size:28.7MB