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Simple Gallery Pro MOD (Paid/Optimized)

Simple Gallery Pro MOD (Paid/Optimized)

Simple Gallery Pro APK (Paid) is a useful application in helping you manage and organize multimedia files on your Android device. Please click on the link below to experience the great features of this application.

Currently, the need to save memorable moments in everyone’s life is increasing. However, the capacity per device is limited. If you do not organize and store video images properly, you may accidentally save junk files. This will make the memory full and unable to store memorable images. That’s why Simple Mobile Tools released Simple Gallery Pro.

Simple Gallery Pro was launched as a useful tool to help users organize images and videos in the most logical and scientific way. Besides, the application is also integrated with a number of other advanced utility features. Join us to learn more about these features below.

Simple and convenient

The simple interface with specially designed toolbars helps users to easily grasp their functions. It only takes up a relatively small amount of space on the device but can still replace the default manager on your Android device. Not only that, but the application also provides up to 32 different languages, allowing you to customize during use.

Simple Gallery Pro integrates almost all existing image and video formats such as JPEG, PNG, MP4, RAW,… This is considered the most useful feature of the application.

If on regular apps, the ads that frequently appear are annoying, then please rest assured to use Simple Gallery Pro. By removing all ads feature has been added to the app.

How does Simple Gallery Pro work?

Allows the user to take ownership of his/her own devices while providing optional messaging functions. Depending on the purpose of use, users can choose to sort by name, file type, time,… The application supports users with many different views such as grid view, list view, mail view item. Take pictures quickly by launching the camera on the app screen. However, Simple Gallery Pro will not integrate effects like in other conventional photography applications.

Integrated image editing function

Simple Gallery Pro integrates a set of tools to help users edit images: change color filters, add other shimmering effects, resize photos, add beautiful frames. Photo editing of the application is not as strong as LightRoom, PicsArt, Snapseed,… but in terms of fast utility, the application completely beat the above applications. After editing, the work is saved as a copy. Thanks to that, users still keep the original version of the image.

High security

To improve image security, protect images by PIN or fingerprint. In addition, if you accidentally delete valuable photos or videos, the app will also help you restore with one click.

Download Simple Gallery Pro APK for Android

If you love taking pictures, then Simple Gallery Pro APK is an indispensable application on your device. To download into the app experience please click on the link below and don’t forget to leave us your comments about your experience.

Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:6.28.1
App Size:37.6MB