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Wattpad MOD(Premium, Free Coins Stories)

Wattpad MOD(Premium, Free Coins Stories)

Wattpad Mod APK is an application that has a wide range of storybooks and any kind of books to serve users. Users do not need to spend money to buy the books they like; but instead, they just need to download the application to have the book right away. The application will help users save a considerable amount of money when they have to buy a variety of books and stories that they just need to turn on the phone and go to the application; they can read it at any time. It is indeed a handy application suitable for busy users who do not have time to read books.

Wattpad gives you an exceptional aid in providing exciting stories. This is a typical reference application; users can find and read impressive story samples and post their story samples. The app adds a bunch of typical features and takes advantage of the posting aspect from you. More specifically, the application will also allow you to exchange experiences with many friends and thereby develop a unique cognitive mindset.


Users can read a variety of comics and books for free and write stories that they think are interesting to post on the application. This feature is really suitable for users who are passionate about writing as well as living their passion. More specifically, if the stories that users write are highly appreciated and read, they will receive extremely well-deserved royalties.


Suppose users are looking to improve the vocabulary of a specific language, surely Wattpad. In that case, Read & Write Stories will help because users will be able to choose their native language or other languages ​​that they want to explore. In addition, many genres of books such as fiction, comedy or adventure, and many more are available in the application. At the same time, users can also freely read works about LGBT that they like.


The application also allows users to create their own free library to add their favorite books to or share their stories with international friends. Moreover, users are also allowed to give opinions on other readers’ articles so that they can add more vigor to their own writing path. Users should note that they should synchronize their accounts so that they can easily read books on their phones or laptops.

Wattpad has just updated the Wattpadder mute feature. This means that users will not be able to see any comments on their posts. And maybe users don’t know, extremely excellent blockbusters like Light as a Feather were first discovered on Wattpad. So, participate in writing the stories that you come up with. Maybe you will become the author of famous books in the future.


The application opens a forum for story lovers to learn and exchange experiences. The exchange of experiences between enthusiasts will help you find new creations. Users can also meet famous people, and they will teach you the most basic concepts.


Providing impressive stories is a unique feature that you see very clearly in this application. The titles will be selected and numbered in order for you to choose quickly. Moreover, modern story templates will also have a division by topic, and thanks to that, you can choose as quickly as possible.


The application has dedicated you to a sharing section to help you share stories through a variety of media. The quality of these stories is preserved and based on which others can quickly find and read, and it is these unique features that help you access unique experiential literature.


The application will also respect the creations and compositions that you want to convey. The posting area will always be open to your stories, and you can confirm to make posting easy. People on the forum can find your stories, and you will also receive suggestions and compliments from other readers.


The application also provides you with an impressive fast reading mode, and it is this mode that makes you feel excited. The quick reading mode will separate the main parts to help you understand the plot clearly. Then you can put that story sample in the archive and proceed to read it again if needed.


The application also provides you with automatic reading modes to help you keep track of these stories. Listening to stories while doing other things also gives you your interests, and you can also choose different voices to read to you.

Through this, Wattpad gives you interesting impressions and is the place where you develop outstanding creativity. Users can also create forums or exchange information with many friends around the world. Even more interesting is that your workspace is not limited, and the variety of themes makes it easier for you to choose. The functional features are also always the focus of attention, and you will be reading various famous story masterpieces.

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Premium + ADS  Packs Unlocked

Only Email Login Works

Some Paid Stories Need Coins to watch (Server sided so we can’t do anything to them)

Additional Information:

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Current Version:10.44.0
App Size:55.0MB