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Spotify Premium MOD

Spotify Premium MOD

 Spotify was launched in 2008 and has become one of the world’s largest online music services. Currently, Spotify has hundreds of millions of users globally. This music app can be easily downloaded on Android and iPhone devices. Provides a vast music library with millions of tracks from many different genres. Along with playlists created by Spotify and users.

After its release, Spotify developers offered two options for users: free and Premium for $10.99/month. Because it is a free package, you will encounter continuous ads during the process of experiencing this application. The ads may interrupt the songs, greatly affecting the application experience process.

Spotify Premium is a paid service package that allows users to use many unlimited premium features. These benefits include: maximum sound quality of 320kb/s, music playback no longer interrupted by ads, downloading songs and listening without a network connection,…

Key feature of Spotify Free and Premium

Features are an important factor that makes music listeners consider between the two packages. The Free package will come with a lot of ads every time you listen to music, this will definitely greatly affect your experience. Upgrading to the Premium package will help you get rid of the annoyance of unwanted ads.

In addition, if you listen on mobile, Spotify Free will automatically switch to random song-switching mode or pre-made playlists, which is very annoying. If you use the Web version, you can still listen in normal order with the Free package.

Music store

Spotify owns an extremely impressive music store with 35 million songs including international and Vietnamese music. Young Vietnamese artists often choose Spotify as the place to launch their products. If you are a Vietnamese music lover, Spotify will be the perfect choice for you, HIT songs in the Vietnamese music market Nam is fully updated on this music streaming service.

Some high-quality songs require users to use a paid plan to listen. With the Spotify Premium plan, you can listen to any song you want, whether on the website or smartphone. Another big advantage of Premium is that you can download up to 3333 songs and store them on up to 3 devices for offline listening.

Sound quality

For Spotify, the sound quality uses Ogg Vorbis format (a multimedia file format containing all types of compressed files but mainly Vorbis files) with 3 sound quality levels: 96kbps, 160kbps, 320kb /second. The highest level of sound quality is only available on Spotify Premium. Spotify divides many options for sound quality so the purpose is to allow Premium users to download music to their devices more proactively depending on the amount of memory they have, you cannot download music one at a time. Lossless music and memory is almost full, right?

Search quickly with smart tools

Although there is a music store and many other features, you can easily find the information you want with support tools. In the magnifying glass search bar, you just need to enter the name of the song or video you want and you will receive compatible results.

Listen to music according to your true “taste”

When used over a period of time, based on access frequency, the Spotify application will recommend music albums according to the user’s preferences. You can also actively create and add your favorite songs to the playlist. Therefore, we can comfortably listen to music without having to constantly change songs.

Accompany your idol

You can absolutely follow your favorite artists on Spotify’s homepage. Users can interact, update the latest posts, and especially do not miss any of their albums.

Spotify has key features such as

Free or paid music listening app: Spotify offers free and paid versions. The free version comes with ads and limits on song selection. While the paid version (Spotify Premium) helps you listen to unlimited music. You can download music and remove ads.

Personal and Custom Playlists: You can create personal and customized playlists according to your music preferences.

Podcast: Spotify not only offers music but is also a large website for podcasts with a variety of content.

Offline mode: Spotify Premium is considered a music app without the network and without advertising. The app allows you to download music for offline listening when there is no network connection.

Share and connect: You can share music and playlists with friends. At the same time, connect with other users through “The Social Listening” feature.

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