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Tomorrow (MOD, Menu/Damage/Immortal)

Tomorrow (MOD, Menu/Damage/Immortal)

Tomorrow – a super survival horror product has landed and crazy players around the world. Join the game, and we will lead you to a unique space in the future (2040) – where the world is not at peace, but it is a time of horror for everyone. In the game, you will have to team up with everyone to fight the dirty forces; they always find ways to kill and turn you into different creatures. Fight for the world, yourself, and your comrades…


You are living in a terrifying landscape where death is getting closer and closer. Not only that, food and shelter were something that was in short supply at that time. You have to fight with your teammates and win life for everyone. To be able to do so, players must carefully understand the context of time and space, where they begin to live and fight. And to meet everyone’s wishes when coming to this world, we’ve updated a few things in the game.

The Map is considered a treasure to help you overcome the pitfalls of strange creatures. It has also been updated and added to a few locations in the new farm setting. Some of the spaces built as shelters have also been improved, and these could be kitchens or any other area. Not only that, but you should also be careful with the attacks in Tomorrow because the enemy’s damage is getting stronger and stronger.


To be able to enter the horror adventure of Tomorrow, you need to prepare to face death and even become a hideous creature. This is known as the best survival game that no one can overcome the temptation with addictive gameplay. You will have to choose the right character to enter the dead zone for yourself. Players can customize the character with some basics in terms of appearance or skills.


The human world in this game is limited, you have to face many bizarre creatures in certain shapes, and they can be human. To prevent you and your teammates from dangerous pathogens in Tomorrow, you need to craft and build safe areas. Use it to escape from filthy creatures, and it will also be a shelter after the tough battles that take place in the game.


Players can participate alone and shoulder the burden, fighting the enemies in the game on their own. But to increase the fun, you can choose to join your teammates. Let’s create a powerful army with brave warriors when entering the game. All you need now is brave teammates and, combined with you, join them in intense PVP battles.


No matter how big or small, the battle requires support equipment. In tough battles, you cannot do without equipping powerful weapons. With Tomorrow, players can choose the right weapons for themselves and adjust throughout the time of battle. More specifically, you can also create unique weapons with great power for yourself.


– Build a safe haven

– Choose your character and adjust the features accordingly.

– Join the fight with friends/teammates.

– Craft weapons, choose from hundreds of unique weapons.

– Explore the mysterious space, search for items.

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*Dumb Enemy

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Current Version:0.21.1
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