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STEEZY MOD (Premium Unlocked)

STEEZY MOD (Premium Unlocked)

 Steezy – Learn How To Dance is also known as an online dance class. Dance is the most popular sport. Because it not only exercises health but it also makes us feel younger, makes you mentally refreshed… Here, you will be challenged with many dance genres, with the guidance of Professional teachers and free practice. Currently, it is updated with new features such as: fixing some bugs, improving performance. Steezy Studio is constantly looking for and creating new challenges.


You are a person who knows nothing about the dance genre. If you want to learn it but don’t know where to start, then Steezy will help you with that. When in this world, you are not only alone, but you also have the dedicated guidance of professional dancers. You will be guided from the most basic movements to the most straightforward implementations. Here, most of the dancers come from many different countries, so you can exchange with each other to increase your dance knowledge.

STEEZY – Learn How To Dance STEEZY – Learn How To Dance


Steezy allows people over 12 years old to come together to do anything related to dance. In this space, there are many amiable people, and they do not discriminate on gender, ethnicity, or skin color because this is the environment of cultured people. When you first step in, you will be overwhelmed with its size; there are more than 800 classes, with more than 100 dances that are both traditional and modern.

Everyone is free to choose their favorite genre, with no time limit to practice. In this training software, there is a digital zoom system that allows viewing the instructor’s writing from different angles, adjusting the pace of the class. You can even watch online on the app, TV, or other social networking sites.

STEEZY – Learn How To Dance STEEZY – Learn How To Dance STEEZY – Learn How To Dance


In addition to those special features of the app, it also allows you to download it for free. If you find a course that suits you, then you can try it for free for 7 days, and then it’s not too late to sign up. Coming here, you can study and interact with many friends in many different places, be it in the country or even abroad. If you’ve been here, this show will not let you down, I’m sure of it. Take care of your health with your friends.

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