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Retouch MOD(VIP Unlocked)

Retouch MOD(VIP Unlocked)


Retouch MOD APK is an image editor application with the main function of removing any unwanted objects in your images. Powerful eraser tools remove everything from people, landscapes to small objects in your photos. With simple, easy-to-use operation, you can completely delete all objects with just a few steps of clicking and dragging to select the deleted object.


The application’s powerful object removal tool completely removes residual objects in images extremely quickly. Select any one image you want to remove the object, upload to the application and start using the eraser on the interface. Wherever you drag, you will delete there, remove bruises, delete people, delete landscapes… the application completely meets your needs to delete objects. If you delete the wrong object and want to go back, click the undo function. The application will clean your image with the image quality preserved, the application alignment will smooth the position of the deleted object as the original image quality you uploaded.


Not only has the function of removing all objects, the application also provides an additional function of replacing the background. You do not like the photo background and want to replace it with a more beautiful, new background, explore the background change function right in this application. The function helps you flexibly transform your image style with a variety of backgrounds with rich colors, you just need to swipe left or right with two fingers and click apply your favorite background .


This versatile app can also edit your images. Visual effects like blur, smooth, reflection you all find right in this application. Besides, you can insert text content, freely move the text content to any position of the image you edit. The set of image beautification tools, rich filters, and many familiar and new styles make your images more beautiful and artistic.


From a person in a photograph can turn into two, three or ten objects right in the photograph. Discover the cool cloning function of the app right away and create lots of funny moments. With the cloning function, you can fully use the object removal tool to erase unwanted clone locations to create a self-created mirror image.

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